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The tools you need to survive the cloud jungle

Monitoring performance

Monitor performance of your container directly in one place

Real time notification

Be the first to be noticed when something bad happens, not your client


Easly deploy your containers, don't be scared from all the different PaaS


You can see all of our work here on Github

  • Early 2015

    We had a vision

    We saw developers happy to go in production, we saw application be deployed seamlessly.

  • Not much time after

    We started some coding

    Few repos were born, few prototypes where throw away

  • Now

    We have a clear idea

    We started developing Scale agent (Marconi), Scale server (Nizza), Scale web interface (Dante)

Meet the team behind

And remember, this is an opensource project so you could be one of us.

Marco Bartoli

Executive Officer / Cofounder

Luca Bruzzone

Devops / Researcher / Cofounder

You want be one of us? Just PR us on github.